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Relentless Rain to Raise Flooding Risk From Texas to Tennessee

Several days of heavy rain will bring the potential to cause flooding from the southern Plains to the middle Mississippi Valley into early next week.

Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Pacific Ocean will converge on the South Central states through Monday. Some of the moisture from the Pacific will be associated with Sandra.

Front to Set Up Heavy Rain in Central US

Into the first part of the weekend, heavy rain will extend from the southern Plains to the Great Lakes region.

However, the core of the heavy rain will settle over the South Central states later in the weekend.

From central Texas to southeastern Oklahoma, northern and western Arkansas, southern Illinois and the western parts of Tennessee and Kentucky, 6-12 inches of rain may fall through Monday.

As downpours repeat on the same areas for multiple hours over multiple days, the risk of flooding will expand from urban and poor drainage areas to small streams and then along some of the rivers.

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Unprotected low-lying areas along some of the major rivers in the region could take on water.

Some roadways may become submerged by waters. Low water crossings may be too dangerous to drive through.

When traveling by vehicle in the zone of heavy rain, never drive through flooded roadways. Doing so may put not only you and your occupants at risk, but also your would-be rescuers.

The persistent rounds of torrential rain may also have significant impact on major airport hubs in the region, including Dallas, St. Louis and Nashville.

Heavy rainfall in recent weeks has the ground saturated in much of the region. In many cases, it may only take a couple of inches of rain in a day's time to cause significant flooding.