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Germany: Rounds of Showers to Return for This Weekend

Dry weather ending the week across Germany will not persist into this weekend as rounds of showers return.

High pressure providing Germany with a break from rain and snow on Friday will quickly be replaced by back-to-back cold fronts this weekend. Each front will be accompanied by rain showers, but heavy rainfall is not expected.

The first band of showers will sweep from northwest to southeast across the country Friday night into Saturday. The second band will arrive in a similar fashion about 18-24 hours later with gustier winds than the first.

The best time for outdoor plans in Hamburg, Bremen and Essen will be Saturday afternoon. Dry weather separating the two rounds of showers will commence towards the end of Saturday in Berlin and span Saturday night in Munich.

Enough cold air will be in place for the rain showers to occur as or mix with snow across southern Germany.

No accumulation is expected in the lower elevations, but wet snowflakes can make an appearance. This includes in Munich and is especially true for Saturday.

"There will be less mixing [of the snow with the rain showers] in the lower elevations on Sunday," stated AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards.

The higher terrain, such as the Bavarian Alps, Bohemian Forest and Ore Mountains, could receive a quick 2-5 cm (1-2 inches) with each band.

An end to the unsettled weather will not come with the weekend. Additional showers and gusty winds will follow for early next week. Temperatures are also set to rebound.