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France: Rounds of Showers to Return for This Weekend

Dry weather ending the week across most of France will not persist into this weekend as rounds of showers return.

Very isolated showers across northern France on Friday will be a sign of things to come for the nation this weekend. Back-to-back cold fronts will lead to rounds of showers this weekend. Heavy rain is not expected.

The first band of showers will track from northwest to southeast across the country Friday evening into Saturday. The second band will follow in a similar fashion about 18-24 hours later.

There will be more numerous showers and gusty winds with the second band when compared to the first in northern France.

The opposite will be true in southern France as the front later in the weekend will struggle to press southward. Gusts of 50-70 km/h (30-45 mph) are expected on Saturday around the Gulf of Lion.

The initial round of showers should dampen Paris Friday afternoon and night, leading to a dry Saturday. More showers will follow for Saturday night into Sunday. The better opportunity for a shower around Toulouse will be at the start of the weekend rather than the second half.

Enough cold air will be in place for the rain showers to occur as or mix with snow in and toward the Alps.

The higher terrain, such as the Vosges Mountains, could receive a quick 2-5 cm (1-2 inches) with each band with locally higher amounts in the French Alps.

An end to the unsettled weather will not come with the weekend across northern France. Additional showers and gusty winds will follow for early next week.