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Typhoon In-fa to Threaten Guam Saturday

The 27th named tropical cyclone of the year has developed in the western Pacific Ocean.

Typhoon In-fa, currently west of Pohnpei and southeast of Guam, is the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane, and further strengthening is expected over the next several days.

In-fa will pass less than 50 miles north of Chuuk on Thursday, bringing torrential downpours and hurricane force winds to the island.

A continued northwest track will take In-fa south of Guam on Saturday. By this time, the cyclone could be as strong as a Category 3 hurricane with winds well over 160 km/h (100 mph).

In-fa will pass far enough south of Guam that the island will be spared the worst impacts; however, tropical storm conditions are expected with wind gusts over 65 km/h (40 mph) and downpours capable of producing flash flooding.

In-fa will continue to track northwest, away from Guam on Sunday and Monday before turning north and eventually northeast next week keeping it away from Japan and over the open Pacific Ocean.

Eventually, In-fa will likely be pulled into another storm system to the east of Japan and have no further impacts on land.