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PHOTOS: Blizzard Unleashes Travel-Disrupting Snow to Colorado, Kansas

A vigorous storm system delivered blizzard conditions across the Central United States through much of the day Tuesday.

Travel delays and power outages were reported as result of the fierce winds and blowing snow. Blizzard conditions were observed at Denver International Airport, which caused numerous flight cancellations and delays. The Colorado Department of Transportation had to shut down portions of Interstate 70 due to white-out conditions.

A National Weather Service trained spotter reported 19 inches of snow in Elizabeth, Colorado, a town 45 miles southeast of Denver, while 16 inches fell in Evergreen, Colorado, located nearly 30 miles southwest of Denver.

Blizzard conditions and slippery travel were also reported in parts of western Kansas. Goodland, Kansas, reported visibility of less than a mile while in Atwood, Kansas, 7 inches of snow was measured.

The same storm was responsible for the influx of damaging tornadoes which struck parts of Texas and Kansas Monday night.