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PHOTOS: Storm Delivers First Significant Snow to Denver Area After Slow Start to Season

Parts of Colorado were hit with inches of snow Wednesday, the first significant snowfall of the season.

On average, Denver typically receives around 6 inches of snow by this time of year. Until this storm, the area had received only about an inch of snow earlier this month.

"A strong storm from the West moved nearly directly over the Rockies, dropping snow in Denver and over the area," AccuWeather Meteorologist Becky Elliot said.

"The snow fell at a heavy rate overnight, which coated roads quickly. The combination of snow-covered roads and gusty winds caused very poor travel conditions this morning in the metro area," she said.

Several accidents were reported along major Colorado highways producing some travel delays.

The strong storm delivered a punch of snow to the area just a day after highs climbed into the 60s F. Temperatures took a dramatic swing in Denver on Tuesday night into Wednesday, with temperatures plummeting by more than 30 degrees.

Golden, Colorado, just west of Denver, reported 8 inches of snow as of 6 a.m. local time on Wednesday. Boulder, Colorado, received 1.5 inches.

The heavy snow in the Denver area created a slew of travel delays across the region. More than 50 flights were canceled at Denver International Airport as of 9:15 a.m. Wednesday.