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Mississippi Valley Faces Severe Weather Veterans Day

Concern is mounting for severe weather, including tornadoes, to threaten the Mississippi Valley on Veterans Day.

Residents from Iowa and Illinois to northern Louisiana and Mississippi are being put on alert for potentially damaging thunderstorms to erupt.

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Setting the stage for the severe weather will be a strengthening storm system emerging from the Rockies and clashing with warm and moist air that will be pouring into the Central United States.

This system will first spread snow across parts of the West early in the new week, including Salt Lake City and Denver.

"Northern and central Missouri at this time looks to be the target area for tornadoes," stated AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions Meteorologist Alex Avalos.

"Otherwise, damaging winds look to be the primary threat."

Cities in the threat zone include Des Moines and Davenport, Iowa; St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri; Springfield, Illinois; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Memphis, Tennessee.

"I think [severe weather] chances diminish somewhat as the system progresses into Chicago," Avalos added.

AccuWeather meteorologists will be closely monitoring the storm system for any shifts in its expected track, which could alter the severe weather risk area.

Residents should take the time now amid the current dry and calm spell to review severe weather safety tips.

Adverse weather accompanying the strengthening storm will not just be confined to the Mississippi Valley on Veterans Day. Potentially damaging non-thunderstorm winds threaten to whip across the central Plains as soaking rain develops across the northern Plains.

The severe weather threat, in terms of thunderstorms, should lessen on Thursday as the storm system reaches the East Coast. The risk of strong non-thunderstorm winds causing damage, however, will shift to the Great Lakes this day.