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Reported Tornado Causes Damage in Fort Worth, Texas

Severe storms rattled portions of the South Central United States Thursday evening, bringing damaging winds and large hail.

A reported tornado ripped the roof off a building in Fort Worth, Texas, and damage was also reported to cars in the parking lot, the Fort Worth Fire Department said.

Tornado Rips Roof from Texas Building

Footage obtained from Moore, Oklahoma, showed the damaging effects of a microburst that struck the area earlier Thursday. The video shows the storm easily knocking down trees in its path, almost hitting a parked truck.

In Decatur, Texas, about an hour to the northwest of Dallas, baseball-size hail was reported. Elsewhere, wind gusts up to 60 mph were observed in the town of Denton.

Hail, nearly the size of a baseball, was reported in Decatur, Texas, Thursday evening. (Photo/Twitter user @wilbur1256)

AccuWeather Meteorologist Jordan Root said a line of strong storms will continue to push across central Missouri, Arkansas, and central and eastern Texas tonight.

"Damaging winds and flooding downpours will be the biggest threat but isolated tornadoes may be embedded in the line of storms. Small hail is also possible," he said.

Farther north, another line of storms will target southern Wisconsin, eastern Iowa, and Illinois tonight, according to Root.

"While flooding may accompany any heavy thunderstorm, the greatest risk will be across central Texas due to recent heavy rain and the slow-nature of the storms in this area tonight," he said.