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Storms to Bring Showers, Gusty Winds to UK; Unseasonable Warmth From Spain to Germany

High pressure currently bringing tranquil weather to much of northern and eastern Europe will shift eastward later this week to allow several storm systems from the Atlantic to target Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Prior to the arrival of the Atlantic storms, showers will be scattered across England, Wales and Scotland on Wednesday as a weak storm moves northward through the region.

On Thursday, the first of the Atlantic storm systems will spread rainfall across all of Ireland and the United Kingdom with showers continuing into Thursday night which may impact Guy Fawkes activities.

Another storm system on the heels of the first will continue the threat for showers across all of the British Isles on Friday. Along with the showers, there will be gusty southwest winds both Thursday and Friday.

These southwest winds will keep unseasonably mild air in place across the region despite the showers and clouds. Daily high temperatures will range between 15 and 18 C (59 and 64 F) in London through Saturday. The normal high temperature is 11-12 C (52-53 F).

On Saturday, the final in the series of Atlantic storms will race just north and west of Ireland spreading a soaking rain across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland with showers over Wales and England.

This will be strongest storm of the group also bringing locally strong winds with gusts over 80 kph (50 mph) to areas from Ireland to Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England on Saturday. Farther south, wind gusts of 50-65 kph (30-40 mph) are possible.

Farther south, this series of storms will bring showers to northern France from Thursday night into Saturday; however, rainfall will generally be light and short in duration.

Showers will be scattered across Spain and southern France on Wednesday before drier weather returns from Saturday into the weekend. Along with the dry weather, temperatures will be quite mild averaging 4-8 degrees above normal.

Unseasonable warmth will spread eastward into Germany as the week progresses. The high temperature will be 9 C (48 F) in Berlin on Wednesday but rise to around 15-16 C (59-60 F) by this weekend.