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New Tropical Threats Possible in Indian Ocean

As Tropical Cyclone Chapala moves into Yemen bringing historic rainfall, the Indian Ocean remains active with several other potential threats in the next 10 days.

A weak tropical low just off the west coast of India currently will drift westward into the open Arabian Sea this week and has some chance for development.

A general westward movement would continue resulting in a track similar to that of Chapala; however, development may never occur, and even if it does, a weaker storm is the most likely result with some impacts possible in Oman or Yemen early next week.

A second area of concern is in the southern Bay of Bengal where a large area of unsettled weather could help to spin up a tropical low later this week with some potential for development by this weekend. There could be impacts to Sri Lanka and India if a tropical cyclone develops.

This large area of unsettled weather in the southern Bay of Bengal will remain over the area next week as well which will continue the threat for tropical development in the region.

As a result, areas from Sri Lanka through eastern India and Bangladesh should remain on alert for potential impacts through next week.

This uptick in tropical activity is not unexpected at the Indian Ocean is now moving into the normal second uptick tropical cyclone development which occurs in November and December following a period of little or no development that typically occurs during the monsoon from late May through mid-October.