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Spain, France Flood Threat Early Week

A slow-moving area of low pressure, combined with Mediterranean moisture, will lead to the risk of flooding from southern Spain into southern France early this week.

A storm from the Atlantic that brought rain to Portugal over the weekend will move into Spain for the beginning of the week. This storm brought over 50 mm (2 inches) of rain to parts of Portugal Saturday into Sunday.

As this storm system moves east, it will encounter more moisture, increasing rainfall amounts and the threat of flooding in Spain on Monday.

Rainfall of 50-75 mm (2-3 inches) is expected to be common from Malaga to Valencia and Barcelona. Isolated areas could see even greater rainfall. The threat for heavy rain will come to an end in Malaga early on Monday, but will spread east through the day, reaching Barcelona by Monday night.

"Flash flooding will be a significant threat in southeast and eastern Spain," AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said. This is especially true in the mountainous terrain just inland from the coast.

Roys adds that "Rainfall could reach 150 mm (6 inches) along the southern slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains." This amount of rain within several hours would lead to life-threatening flash flooding. Communities such as Berga, Tremp and Ripoll are included in this area.

Showers will remain across Spain on Tuesday, but the flooding threat will be greatly diminished. Locally heavy rain will then move into southern France.

While the threat for flooding will be less along the southern coast of France, areas as far east as Montpellier will see downpours capable of flooding low-lying and poor drainage areas.

Southern Spain and France will turn largely dry Wednesday as another area of low pressure will bring rain to Portugal and northwestern Spain.