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Flooding Rain, Tornado Risk to Continue in Deep South This Weekend

The risk of flooding rain and severe thunderstorms will continue to move eastward along the Gulf Coast states into Sunday.

A storm system will continue to make steady progress eastward, but not fast enough to avoid the potential for flooding rainfall. The storm will draw just enough warm and humid air up from the south to continue the risk of violent storms within a couple hundred miles of the Gulf of Mexico.

Breaking: Storms Wallup the Houston Area

San Antonio and Austin, Texas, were hit especially hard on Friday. Damage in Hays and Burleson counties may have been the result of two separate tornadoes. Heavy rain, as much as 16 inches, resulted in flash flooding. On Saturday morning, the storms focused on the Houston area and caused widespread flooding, reports of tornadoes and cut the power to thousands of homes and businesses.

Officials will be out inspecting the damage to determine which areas where hit by a tornado versus strong wind gusts.

The threat of heavy rain and violent storms has diminished from San Antonio to Dallas. However, additional severe storms with flooding downpours will continue to affect areas from the Texas coast to part of northeastern Texas into Saturday afternoon.

The threat of a few tornadoes will ramp up in Louisiana and southern Mississippi during Saturday and will reach into part of Alabama on Saturday evening. Cities that could be adversely affected by the storms and flooding include New Orleans and Alexandria, Louisiana, and Biloxi and Jackson, Mississippi.

Later Saturday night the potential for tornadoes will diminish, while the risk of flash and urban flooding will continue. Some neighborhoods in Mobile, Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, could be inundated.

During Sunday into Monday the risk of localized flooding will extend into parts of Georgia and the Carolinas, including Atlanta and Charlotte. The bulk of the rain will avoid much of Florida and the southern Atlantic coastline.

Farther north, rounds of soaking rain will advance steadily eastward across Arkansas, Tennessee and southern Virginia this weekend into early next week.