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Strengthening Cyclone Chapala Targets Oman and Yemen

Tropical Cyclone 04A (Chapala) formed on Wednesday in the Arabian Sea between India and the Arabian Peninsula and has since become better organized with winds equal to that of a Category 1 hurricane in the Atlantic or eastern Pacific Ocean.

This tropical system will have no direct impacts on India as steering winds from the east will result in a track toward Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

"The main threat area for this feature would be northeast Somalia, Yemen and southern Oman," Nicholls said of the tropical system in the Arabian Sea.

Although it is still very early to pinpoint the exact track for the recently developed storm, Nicholls anticipates "several inches of rain and flooding are possible, starting around Nov. 1."

If the storm were to track farther south toward Somalia, impacts could begin as early as Sunday night; however, at this time, AccuWeather meteorologists believe the greatest threat exists for Yemen and Oman.

A strengthening cyclone, the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane will likely approach the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula early next week.

Areas from eastern Yemen to western Oman should be on highest alert for this storm that is expected to bring flooding rain and damaging winds.

AccuWeather meteorologists will continue to monitor the Indian Basin, following this pattern change, in the coming weeks.