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Flood Threat Returns to Dallas, San Antonio and Houston by Late Week

While a stretch of dry weather this week helped in the cleanup efforts from the significant flooding from last weekend, the threat for flooding will return on Friday into the weekend.

Moisture from once-Hurricane Patricia as well as moisture from the Gulf of Mexico were to blame for the heavy rain and flood incidents late last week into the weekend.

A different setup will bring the threat for flooding later this week.

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According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski, "A potent storm moving eastward out of the Four Corners on Friday will tap into moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, bringing heavy rain and a renewed flood threat into parts of Texas and Louisiana Friday and Saturday."

While the rainfall may not be as intense as the totals last weekend, the saturated ground could quickly cause ponding on roadways and grassy surfaces just after a small amount of rain.

"Fortunately, this storm will move more quickly than last weekend's system, but additional heavy rain on already saturated ground can still cause more flooding," Pydynowski said.

An additional 2 to 4 inches of rain could fall from central Texas to Louisiana and Mississippi through the weekend.

As most rivers across Texas and Louisiana have receded to normal levels, the Trinity River in eastern Texas remains at a moderate to major flood stage. Forecasts from the West Gulf River Forecast Center suggest the river will remain between a moderate and major flood stage into the upcoming storm.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson, "The areas most likely to see flooding will be from San Antonio to Dallas on Friday, perhaps as far north as Oklahoma City."

Any additional flooding could once again force evacuations and cause some roads and bridges to become impassable.

"By Saturday, the highest risk for flooding will be from Houston eastward into Louisiana and eventually Mississippi Saturday afternoon and evening," Adamson said.

Travel disruptions and flight delays are likely to occur due to poor visibility and heavy rain. Drivers should use caution when driving in a band of heavy rain to lower the risk of hydroplaning.

If you see a flooded roadway, turn around and find an alternate route.

The current could be strong enough to sweep your vehicle downstream into deeper water as only a foot of water on the roads can cause most vehicles to lose control.

Parents are urged to keep their kids away from stream banks and culverts. The bank of a stream can give way, and rapidly rising water can sweep away onlookers.

This flood threat could spoil trick-or-treating.

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