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Halloween Forecast: Wet Weather to Threaten Trick-or-Treating From Deep South to Great Lakes

Trick-or-treaters are anxiously awaiting Saturday evening, but rain could spoil the Halloween fun from the Deep South to the Great Lakes as well as in the Northwest.

Two separate storm systems will be responsible for the rain Saturday evening that threatens to play a trick on Halloween festivities or cause rain gear to be added to costumes.

Check your local forecast page if trick-or-treating in your community falls on a night other than Saturday.

Periods of rain accompanying one system will stretch from eastern Texas and the lower Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes. Houston, Nashville and Detroit are among the cities in this corridor.

Rain is likely to be heaviest in the lower Mississippi Valley. Worse than potentially causing some communities to cancel Halloween parades, the rain could renew flooding issues in the wake of the drenching from Patricia.

"Lightning could also become a concern from the eastern half of Texas and Oklahoma to Mississippi," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Andy Mussoline said.

Remember that as soon as thunder is heard, the danger of being struck by lightning is present.

Across the Northwest, a storm system from the Pacific will be the culprit behind the upcoming wet Halloween.

"Rain coats will definitely be needed with costumes in northwestern Oregon and western Washington," stated AccuWeather Western Weather Expert Ken Clark. This includes Seattle and Portland.

"It will also be cool across the Northwest with a few showers in [the lower elevations] of eastern Washington and northern Idaho."

Ahead of the system, gusty winds will blow across the interior Northwest and northern Rockies. Those with headpieces to their costumes as well as those with any loose lawn Halloween decorations will want to make sure they are properly secured.

AccuWeather meteorologists will be monitoring the potential for the winds to become damaging in the wind-prone areas to the lee of the northern Rockies.

Otherwise across the nation, AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams stated that "the weather will be a treat in most places" with high pressure in control.

Rain, strong winds and extreme temperatures will be absent from the East Coast and the Southwest. The only exception may be a stray shower around Miami.

Temperatures will be mild in the Southeast and seasonably cool in the Northeast. It would be good to incorporate a fall jacket with costumes in Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C.

"Contrary to the Northwest, it will be dry and mild across most of California and the Southwest," stated Clark, "creating great weather for trick-or-treating."

"However, it will get chilly across interior areas [such as southern Idaho, Utah and Nevada] as temperatures drop off quickly."