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Rough Surf, Rip Currents Batters Florida East Coast

Bathers and boaters from Miami to Jacksonville, Florida, and St. Simon's Island, Georgia, will need to be on alert through this weekend.

According to Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski, "Rough surf and rip currents will remain a concern along the east coast of Florida through at least this weekend as gusty northeasterly winds continue to blow onshore."

Winds along the coast will average 10-20 mph with most gusts ranging between 20 and 30 mph.

Breakers will average 5-8 feet with larger swells offshore.

Pydynowski attributes these winds to a flow around an expansive high pressure system which extends from Bermuda to the Carolinas.

The persistent onshore wind creates higher waves and stronger, more frequent rip currents, when compared to a routine daytime sea breeze and nighttime land breeze setup.

Although the high will gradually weaken by the end of this week, a new area of high pressure will move in from the north this weekend, allowing these winds to persist.

High waves and rip currents won't be the only impacts along the coastline.

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"In addition to the rough surf and rip currents posing hazards to swimmers and operators of small craft, there could be localized minor coastal flooding at times of high tide," Pydynowski states.

The strong and persistent northeasterly flow of air will continue to cause water to pile up along the coastline.

This coastal flood threat will increase as we move closer to the full moon this weekend.

The onshore flow will also induce spotty showers and keep temperatures lower along the eastern coastline, when compared to much of the month so far.

High temperatures will range from the lower 80s F in the north to the middle 80s in the south.