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September-Like Warmth Returns to Midwest, Northeast by Midweek

Following a chilly and brisk weekend, a surge of warmer air will bring above-normal temperatures back to the Great Lakes, and then the Northeast by midweek.

Temperatures from Chicago to Philadelphia this weekend are only expected to be in the lower 50s. Even cooler temperatures, and even snow, is anticipated in parts of upstate New York. Buffalo could have some snowflakes as well as temperatures will only reach the lower 40s each afternoon.

However, the below-normal temperatures are not expected to last much past the weekend.

The chilly high pressure that brought cool, Canadian air diving down into the eastern half of the country will move into the mid-Atlantic by Monday, then out to sea by Tuesday.

This retreat of cool air will bring a southerly flow back into the Midwest on Monday. Highs in Chicago are expected around 70 degrees Fahrenheit through Wednesday, temperatures more typical of September. The normal temperature for mid-October is about 10 degrees cooler, in the lower 60s.

On Tuesday, the mild air returns to the Ohio Valley, bringing cities like Cleveland and Pittsburgh back into the upper 60s.

Tuesday afternoon will also be noticeably warmer as far east as the I-95 corridor. Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., will reach the upper 60s on Tuesday, peaking to the lower 70s on Wednesday. Places from New York City to Boston will also have afternoon highs in the upper 60s.

"After the chilly, December-like feel of this weekend, highs that are 5-10 degrees above seasonable will feel even warmer," AccuWeather Meteorologist Becky Elliot said.

Northeast Extended Regional Weather Forecast

Most of this warmth will also be accompanied by sunshine and dry weather. However a weak cold front diving down from Canada will bring some showers to parts of Michigan and northern New England on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Northern portions of New England will still struggle to make it out of the 40s," Elliott added.

Widespread showers are not expected to move into the Great Lakes until early on Wednesday morning as a new system develops in the Plains. These showers will spread eastward into parts of the Northeast by Thursday.

The warmth is expected to remain in the Northeast through Thursday, despite the showers. It's not until Friday that a much-cooler air mass moves back into the region bringing temperatures nearer to normal.