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Man Who Sold Boston's Record Snowfall Duplicates Success Selling New England Foliage

After boxes of snow from Boston's brutal winter sold for $89 last winter, it seems pretty much anything can be sold on the internet for profit.

ShipSnowYo's Founder Kyle Waring proved this yet again with his latest venture:

The New England native launched his new Foliage-as-a-Service (FaaS) business last Tuesday and has already taken roughly 250 orders worth $19.99 each.

The company sells only one product, a 3-leaf foliage bundle, which includes "Grade A" hand-selected leaves from the wilderness of New England.

"Each bundle of leaves is color balanced, 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 mixed-color leaf! Mixed colored leaves are especially challenging to find, and are by far the rarest leaves with the tightest window to process and preserve," the website reads.

Despite making thousands shipping Boston's abundant snow last winter, Waring says this product's success is "definitely a surprise."

"It made sense with the snow because there was national coverage on it. I mean, every time I'd turn on the news, it was all discussion over the snow," he said.

But with fall foliage failing to make headlines, Waring didn't expect the same explosion in sales this time around.

"I was definitely caught off guard and we've been, kind of, scaling up the operations so we can handle so many orders," he said.

Though Waring works full-time for a mobile application development company in Boston, he plans to continue his small businesses.

As for ShipSnowYo, Waring says the company will be back in action again this winter and "every year" after that.