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Spain: Thunderstorms to Return This Weekend

Showers and thunderstorms will once again rumble across Spain this weekend, threatening to interfere with outdoor plans but delivering welcome rainfall in most communities.

While an area of high pressure will lead to another dry day on Friday, a system from the Atlantic will cause showers and thunderstorms to rotate into the country this weekend.

"[The showers and thunderstorms] will be more numerous than what we saw recently with Joaquin," stated AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys, "and the storminess will last into Monday."

The unsettled weather will first press into western Spain on Saturday, mainly in the afternoon, before spreading eastward throughout the remainder of the weekend. Dry weather, however, should hold until Monday around Barcelona and the northeastern coast.

Those planning to spend a part of the weekend outdoors will want to keep the rain gear handy and be prepared to move inside as soon as thunder is heard, which is an indication that the danger of being struck by lightning is present.

After a mild and dry Saturday around Madrid, the potential for disruptions to outdoor activities will arise on Sunday. Spectators and participants of the Science Race may have to contend with rain or seek shelter in the event of lightning.

The showers and thunderstorms this weekend will be most numerous across southwest Spain, where Roys is most concerned for downpours to trigger localized flash flooding. Seville, Cordoba and Badajoz are among the communities at risk for such heavy thunderstorms.

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Despite any interferences to outdoor plans and the threat of localized flooding, Roys stated that "The showers and thunderstorms will help the drought."

Many communities, including Madrid and Cordoba, are running rainfall deficits so far this year.

Drier air should work back into Spain around the middle of next week.

Content contributed by AccuWeather Meteorologist Eric Leister.