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France: Cooler Air, Periods of Rain to Last Into This Weekend

Cooler air and bouts of rain will persist through the weekend in parts of France as a storm system slowly spins over central Europe.

"The showers in the northern and northeastern part of the country will continue into the weekend" said AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys. "Temperatures on Friday across eastern France will be about 8 degrees C below normal." Roys said.

There will even be enough cold air in place for snow showers near the Alps on Friday, with snow expected in the Alps to end the weekend, according to Roys.

While the rain will tend to be light, it will still be enough to disrupt outdoor plans, so residents will want to be sure to keep an umbrella handy when preparing to journey outside.

This storm system is essentially a pocket of cool air overhead that is not only producing the showers but is keeping temperatures below normal. The combination of the two will make it feel less than desirable to be outdoors.

However, as the system slowly crawls eastward, Roys said temperatures in a place like Nancy will inch closer to normal during the weekend.

Rainfall will exit much of northern France on Sunday as the storm exits to the east. There might still be showers along the coast to the north, but they will be less widespread. Paris will have more in the way of sunshine by the end of the weekend. Daytime temperatures over the course of the weekend will be near 13 C in the city. A high of 16 C is typical for this time of year.

The southwest part of the country will be dry on Friday and into Saturday, but a second storm system moving towards Spain and Portugal will get drawn eastward and cause some showers to streak across southern France on Sunday. The greatest potential for downpours with the Sunday system will be in Portugal and southwestern Spain. The showers in southern France will be more of a disruption to those planning to spend time outdoors.

Content contributed by AccuWeather Meteorologist Eric Leister.