PHOTOS: Northeast, Midwest US Foliage Shifts to Vibrant Autumn Colors

With autumn in full swing, leaves across the country are changing colors. Some areas have already hit peak season, offering spectacular views.

According to reports from the United States Forest Service, the majority of leaves in several New England states are beginning to hit peak color.

For the rest of the U.S., reports indicated that summer green colors are just now starting to change to deeper, rich autumn colors.

Still, the changing landscapes have offered stunning views from the Northeast to the Midwest.

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Color offerings should be "excellent" this week across northern New England, the Appalachians and Upper Midwest due to a slight delay in peak, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson said.

"The fall color change has been running at least a week behind schedule so far this season, likely due to a mild September," he said.

However, waves of chilly air will make for less-than-ideal conditions for onlookers into this weekend.

"A series of fronts will bring much cooler air, clouds, wind and even some snow to the areas experiencing peak color into the weekend," Anderson said. "Rain or snow showers will quickly reduce visibility and stronger wind gusts could result in an accelerated leaf drop."