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Tropical Storm Koppu Targets Philippines; Taiwan and Japan on Alert

Tropical Storm Koppu is on track to threaten the Philippines this weekend. Those in Taiwan and Japan should also monitor the storm for potential impacts next week.

While Koppu is currently battling wind shear, the potential exists for it to go through a period of rapid intensification while crossing the Philippine Sea, resulting in a very powerful typhoon approaching the Philippines this weekend.

Luzon Island, especially northern areas, would then be at risk for flooding rain, damaging to destructive winds and dangerously rough seas this weekend. The extent and duration of these impacts will depend on how close Koppu tracks to the Philippines and its speed at that time.

"From Friday and into the weekend, Koppu is expected to slow significantly or stall, then turn to the north," stated AccuWeather Meteorologist Adam Douty.

"Due to the significant length of time Koppu is expected to remain near the island, flooding rain and mudslides will become a major threat," Douty continued. "If the center of the storm gets close enough to the island, several days of damaging wind are possible."

Based on current indications, Manila will escape the worst of the impacts.

Impacts from Koppu will not be limited to the Philippines. The turn to the north may cause Koppu to threaten Taiwan and Japan's southern Ryukyu Islands early next week with damaging winds and flooding rain.

Depending on the exact future track of Koppu, the rest of Japan and far eastern China may then face hazards later next week.

AccuWeather meteorologists will continue to provide updates on the expected track and more precise details of its potential impacts to lives and property in the upcoming days.