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Rain Returns to Madrid, Paris, London Early This Week

As the new week begins across Europe, low pressure approaching from the Atlantic will spread rain across western parts of the continent.

The low pressure system that began to spread rain across Portugal and Spain Sunday will continue its march east towards the United Kingdom during the start of the week.

On Monday, periods of rain will spread across Ireland, Great Britain and France, while continuing across Spain and Portugal. By the afternoon rain will move into Switzerland as well.

Rain will not be particularly heavy across the region, though the reduced visibility and low cloud will be enough to delay air travel and cause slower travel on highways. London's Heathrow and Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris will be two of the larger airports at risk of seeing delays.

The heaviest of rain rain on Monday will be confined to northern Portugal and the northwest coast of Spain where amounts in excess of 25 mm (an inch) are likely. Windy conditions will also sweep across Spain and Portugal with gusts over 50 kph (30 mph) in many areas. Along the northwest coast of these countries, gusts to 80 kph (50 mph) are likely.

Unsettled conditions will remain on Tuesday across a large portion of western Europe, with continued travel delays from the United Kingdom into France.

Rain will also spread into parts of Germany and into into Italy. However, in these areas, rain is expected to be lighter and more isolated. Despite this, residents may still opt to carry and umbrella as the rain in some locations will still be enough to cause disruptions in outdoor activities.

Weather Outlook Across Europe

As this rain slowly spreads to the east on Tuesday, Spain and Portugal will trend drier, though a few showers are likely to remain near the northern coast of Spain. Madrid and areas to the south are expected to turn dry and will see more in the way of sunshine.

While somewhat drier conditions will move into western Europe during the second half of the week, meteorologists will be monitoring Hurricane Joaquin as the storm races across the northern Atlantic, possibly approaching the United Kingdom by Friday.