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UK: Dry Weather Favors NFL Match Sunday

Dry weather free of any unusual wind or cold will favor crowds and players at the NFL match in London on Sunday.

The game, which pits the New York Jets against the Miami Dolphins, will begin under sunny intervals, though there will be an increase in cloud as the afternoon unfolds.

Temperature will be near 17 C, rising to a high of 18 C to perhaps 19 C, which compares with the normal high of 15 to 16 C on 4 October. Given winds of only about 10 km/h, stadium-goers may be comfortable in nothing more than a long-sleeve shirt.

In not only London but right across the United Kingdom, Sunday will mark the last day in a lengthy stretch of nearly rainless weather. Most of the Kingdom will have no rain before evening, aside from the Cornwall Peninsula; eastern areas will see the most sunshine.

High pressure that set up the stretch of fine, moderately warm days will be well off to the east on Sunday with the next rainy Atlantic depression poised to trigger widespread rainy outbreaks for the start of next week.