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Showers Threaten to Damper End of Oktoberfest

The final day of Oktoberfest on Sunday will coincide with when scattered showers will return to Munich, Germany.

Aside from the first week of Oktoberfest, rain has been absent from Munich for more than a week. An area of high pressure will allow that streak to persist into Saturday.

Instead of umbrellas, many festival-goers have needed jackets recently with temperatures bottoming out at around 2 to 6 C (middle 30s to lower 40s F) at night.

Another chilly morning will start Friday, but temperatures will rebound to a seasonable high of near 18 C (64 F) in the afternoon under plenty of sunshine. Further warming will send temperatures to around 20 C (upper 60s F) Saturday afternoon.

The mild weather, however, will not persist to end the weekend and Oktoberfest.

A storm system moving in from France will cause scattered showers to occur on Sunday. Rain will not fall the entire day, but it will still make umbrellas a necessity and put a damper on plans to enjoy fairground rides or other attractions.

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The return of the showers and accompanying clouds will also cause Sunday to be seasonably cool.