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UK: Days of Fine Weather Lie Ahead

A stretch of fine, bright weather spanning the British Isles will last until at least late this week.

During this time, daytimes in the United Kingdom will be above normal by at least 2 to 4 C, even 6 C above normal in Scotland, as warm spots reach 20 C.

Each of the next few afternoons will have at least sunny intervals, though there can be the best of sunshine. At the same time, fog patches will settle at night in some areas, perhaps not burning away until midday.

In and about London, highs each of the next two to three afternoons will be about 18 to 19 C. This following lows not far from 10 C.

High pressure responsible for the fine weather will hold strongly through Friday before weakening and leaving eastwards at the weekend. The next opportunity for a rainy depression to target the British Archipelago is not expected to arise until Sunday or even Monday.