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PHOTOS: Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Lit Up the Night Sky Sunday Night

A lunar eclipse coincided with a supermoon on Sunday night and dazzled stargazers across the globe.

The moon made its closest proximity to Earth appearing up to 14 percent larger, giving way to the term supermoon.

As the moon passed behind the Earth into its shadow, a red tint formed across its surface in what is known as a blood moon.

Parts of North and South America and Europe had Mother Nature provide clear skies to allow many to enjoy the view of the blood moon as well as take photographs of its appearance.

Those who were unable to view the eclipse due to cloud cover, a replay of the live broadcast from Slooh can be seen below:

The supermoon portion of the eclipse lasted roughly 72 minutes and reached totality at 10:47 p.m. EDT (2:47 UTC).

The next total lunar eclipse will occur on Jan. 31, 2018 and be visible across Asia, Australia and the western half of North America. The next supermoon lunar eclipse will be in 2033.