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Tropical Development Being Monitored South of Mexico

While the central Pacific Ocean has come alive with newly-formed Tropical Storm Niala, the eastern Pacific Ocean will attempt to follow suit through early next week.

The AccuWeather Hurricane Center is keeping a close eye on two areas of low pressure in the eastern Pacific. One is located south of the border of Mexico and Guatemala; the second is churning several hundred miles south-southeast of Acapulco.

The latter has the better opportunity to develop tropically into the start of the new week as it slowly tracks northward to Mexico. The next tropical storm in the eastern Pacific will acquire the name "Marty."

The low is spinning over water more than sufficient for tropical development but is currently battling disruptive wind shear to its north.

With the low heading northward, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller has put the corridor from Acapulco to Puerto Angel on alert for potential impacts next week. However, those to around Manzanillo should also monitor the low in the event it turns to the northwest later next week after approaching the Acapulco-Puerto Angel area.

Seas will build as the low strengthens and pushes northward next week. How strong the low becomes will determine the extend of its damaging winds. Heavy rain, however, will accompany the low regardless of development/intensity.

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"The main concern is that [the low] will be moving so slowly," stated Miller. That could lead to a prolonged duration of rain for a given location, significantly putting those communities at risk for flooding and mudslides.

AccuWeather will continue to provide updates on this tropical threat and more details to the impacts the Mexican coast may face.