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UK: Stretch of Fine, Dry Weather Begins Friday

A lengthy stretch of rain-free, bright weather will begin Friday as showers flee from nearly all of the United Kingdom.

The dry spell will follow scattered showery outbreaks Thursday, as well widespread rains in north west Scotland.

Unusually strong high pressure will put a stop to virtually all rain over the weekend and even through the first half of next week.

Friday, a few leftover showery outbreaks in the west and north of Scotland will account for any lingering rain as other regions bask under intermittent sunshine. Most of England will reach near-normal highs of 15-17 C.

Slight day-to-day warming Saturday into early next week could see warmer areas reaching nearly 20 C.

Early Monday morning, some residents will get an opportunity to sight the supermoon lunar eclipse. Especially in England and Wales, fair skies should favor viewers, barring any fog or low cloud patches. Northern Scotland will not be so lucky.

One thing to watch for going forward will be late-night and morning fog, which could pose a hazard on roadways and at airports beginning Saturday.