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UK: Thursday Showers Leave for Dry End to the Week

A fine, dry weekend will follow Thursday's showery outbreaks dampening much of the United Kingdom.

In England, showers Thursday will tend to be scattered and brief. In Greater London, for instance, the afternoon will be essentially dry with sunny breaks.

Farther north and west, cool, damp southwesterly winds rounding a depression off Scotland will give more frequent showers in the typically rainy areas of western Scotland to northwestern England and even Wales.

Friday, dry weather will overspread the United Kingdom as the showery depression leaves by way of Scandinavia. In its stead, high pressure will set up shop over the United Kingdom and Western Europe, not only through the end of this week, but for at least the start of next week as well.

Friday right through Sunday, near-normal temperatures will hold sway daily under sunny spells. At night, a typical early autumn chill will settle over the land.