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Oktoberfest: Dry Thursday to Unfold as Flood Threat Focuses on Balkans

Dry weather will return to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, on Thursday as the threat for flooding downpours targets the western Balkan Peninsula.

Munich and Oktoberfest will sit between two storm systems impacting Europe on Thursday. One of which will bring showers and a brisk wind to the United Kingdom.

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The second system was responsible for the spotty showers that dampened Munich on Wednesday and will lead to more hazards to the south into Thursday. A band of heavier rain and thunderstorms will instead spread from eastern and southern Italy to the western slopes of the Dinaric Alps.

Flash flooding threatens to unfold in Naples, Italy, Split, Croatia, and Tirana, Albania.

Showers and thunderstorms will dampen the rest of the Balkan Peninsula Thursday and Friday, but the danger of flash flooding will be very isolated.

Some clouds from this second storm system will linger over Munich on Thursday, while any rainfall remains to the south. Those enjoying Oktoberfest may want to grab a jacket before heading outside with temperatures set to be held to near 15 C (near 60 F). A high near 18 C (65 F) is more common this time of year.

Among the activities planned for Thursday is the traditional religious Oktoberfest mass at the Hippodrom tent, according to the Oktoberfest 2015 program.

Umbrellas will scarcely be needed Friday and this weekend at Oktoberfest with dry weather and some sunshine in control. Temperatures will average between 16 and 17 C (lower 60s) with overnight lows dropping down to around 6-8 C (lower to middle 40s). At most, an isolated shower putting a slight damper on Saturday's festivities cannot be ruled out.

Slightly cooler air is expected to arrive early next week with substantial rain remaining absent.