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UK: London, Most of England Dries Wednesday

Wednesday, the first day of autumn, will see dry weather spread over most of England including Greater London.

The south and east portions of the country will get sunny intervals and a 2- to 4-degree Celsius hike in high temperatures versus Tuesday, when widespread cloud and rainy outbreaks held daytime warmth in check.

Highs of 16-18 C will be typical in London and in most of England on Wednesday.

Farther north and west, the leading edge of the next Atlantic depression will give showery outbreaks, mainly in Scotland, Wales and the North West of England. This depression will trigger a few showery outbreaks elsewhere in England Wednesday night into Thursday.

Beginning Friday, dry weather will become widespread over the United Kingdom. The high and thus the mainly rain-free weather will last through not only the end of this week, but likely the start of next week as well.