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UK: Sun to Brighten the Late Week

A stretch of generally fine weather will settle over the United Kingdom until Sunday.

Friday, Saturday and in most areas again Sunday, the sun will shine at least intermittently along with very little in the way of rain.

Friday, for instance, most of the United Kingdom will have not more than the odd, passing shower. High temperatures of 16-18 C will be reached in the major cities and towns.

The best weather of the stretch should unfold on Saturday, when high pressure from the open Atlantic will build right over the British Isles on Saturday, serving up a virtually rain-free outcome.

The coming fine weather will follow early week soaking rain. In London, about 30 mm of rain fell between Monday and Wednesday.

The next rain-making weather system, a cold front, will reach Ireland from the west by late Sunday, maybe giving the day a wet finish in the west of Scotland.