Damaging Winds, Robust Thunderstorms Cross France Into Germany on Wednesday

Enhanced by the remnants of Henri, thunderstorms crossing France Wednesday and Wednesday night could turn severe.

A strong cold front with Henri is merging into a strong warm sector, creating a clash of warm air with the cool rain. Gusty southerly winds streamed ahead of a line of thunderstorms moving through central France.

"Winds are reaching as high as 83 km/h (52 mph) in some places from Clermont-Ferrand to La Teste-de-Buch," AccuWeather Meteorologist Anthony Sagliani said. Gusty thunderstorms are also likely in the cities of Lyon and Dijon.

This wind will not subside as the front moves through, driving wind-whipped rain as thunderstorms pass through.

The robust thunderstorms are expected to last through Wednesday evening, moving from southeastern and central France up through Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne.

"Heavy thunderstorms could also reach Belgium and the Netherlands, even western Germany," Sagliani added.

In addition to gusty winds, dangerous lightning and blinding downpours, Sagliani also warned of "damaging hail and even an isolated tornado or two."

Those across the regions of Aquitaine, Limousine, Auvergne, Burgundy and into Lorraine should keep an eye on these thunderstorms and take shelter indoors should they approach.

As Henri's remains retreat northward, calmer weather settles into France for the rest of the week. Although showers are still possible, the threat for severe weather will diminish.