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Atlantic May Spawn Two Tropical Storms This Week

Two systems have the potential to develop in the tropical Atlantic this week while part of the remnants of Grace will bring downpours to Florida.

The next names on the list of tropical storms in the Atlantic are Ida and Joaquin. There is a very good chance that at least one new tropical storm will be named into next week.

Tropical Depression Nine has formed in the Atlantic as of 11 a.m. EDT Wednesday. It is currently located about halfway between the Cape Verde Islands and the Leeward Islands.

"This system has steadily become better organized," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski said, referring to the newly formed depression.

Current sustained winds with the system are 30 mph. If sustained winds reach 39 mph or greater, then system will be dubbed a tropical storm.

However, the window for strengthening is short for Tropical Depression Nine.

Strong winds in the path of the system will limit development and could lead to its demise before the end of the week, Kottlowski stated.

Steering winds will cause the system to curve to the northwest and then the north into the weekend over the central Atlantic. As a result, the system is not a threat to the United States or the Caribbean.

A second system, designated 95L, is located southwest of the Cape Verde Islands and could also become a tropical depression or storm.

"Environmental conditions should remain favorable for further development of 95L into the weekend," Kottlowski said.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Becky Elliot, "This system will track farther west than Tropical Depression Nine."

How soon 95L makes a northwest turn will determine impact, if any, on the Lesser Antilles next week. There is a chance this system will also curve northward and wind up over the middle of the Atlantic instead.

The area of disturbed weather near Florida contains some of the leftover moisture from Grace.

Environmental conditions around Florida are not favorable for development in the short term.

"The system will enhance rainfall over Florida through Thursday," Kottlowski said.

The torrential downpours can lead to flash flooding, while some of the stronger thunderstorms could produce brief strong wind gusts and a few waterspouts.

This feature could slowly organize as it drifts off the East coast of the U.S. later this weekend into next week, provided it can overcome strong winds aloft or the winds aloft decrease.

"So far, nine tropical systems have developed in the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season," Elliot said. "The most recent system [to acquire a name] was Henri, which is bringing rain and wind to western Europe as a tropical rainstorm."

Throughout the tropical Atlantic and over much of the western part of the basin, waters are warm enough to support development.