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UK: Wet Weather Continues into the New Week

As one area of low pressure moves away from the United Kingdom on Sunday, yet another will approach the region bringing another round of unsettled weather.

Not all parts of the United Kingdom had rainfall on Sunday with the heaviest falling across the far Southeast as well as the Southwest during the afternoon. However, conditions will turn more unsettled on Monday as low pressure nears the region.

On Monday, spells of rain will dampen southern Wales and England throughout most of the day. While the day may begin dry in London, rain will return through the afternoon, if not a little before. In some areas, that rain is expected across southwestern England, temperature highs will be held below 15 C (59 F). Across the rest of England, temperature highs will be largely between 15-20 C (59-68 F).

Farther to the north, across Scotland, even chillier air will be found as some of the Highlands fail to rise above 10 C (50 F). Coastal locations will have highs closer to 15 C (59 F).

Not only will the rain cause cooler temperatures, but travel delays will be a concern as well. Rain, combined with a strong wind, will cause delays on the ground and through the air. Flight delays in London could become lengthy as rain and low clouds develop.

In addition to the rain, a near gale-force wind is expected to howl along the coasts of southwest England. Strong wind gusts will blow across southern England, with the strongest wind reserved for areas to the south of London.

Residents wanting a break from the unsettled weather will have to continue to wait as the remains of Tropical Storm Henri spread more rain and wind across the United Kingdom through the middle of the week.