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UK: Unsettled Weather Dampens the Late Week

Rainy weather will overspread the British Isles from the west along with vigorous Atlantic low pressure on Friday and Saturday, capping off what had been a mostly dry week.

Winds, especially from the south-east, will quicken as the low shifts east. There can even be gales along the Scotland coast on Saturday.

Friday, rain will be confined primarily to Ireland, where some of the rainfall will be heavy. Rain will spread eastward over most of Wales, England and Scotland by daybreak on Saturday. Rain may be slower to begin in the North East of Scotland.

In Greater London and parts of South England, rain will amount to little more than one or two showery outbreaks.

The unsettled weather comes on the heels of what was for much of the U.K. the warmest day of the month so far. London, Liverpool and Birmingham warmed to about 21 C and even Glasgow hit 20 C.

A short break in the wet weather Saturday night until Sunday will be met with further rainy outbreaks by the start of next week thanks to yet another important depression from the west.