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Drastically Cooler, Less Humid Air Provides First Preview of Fall for Oklahoma City to Dallas

A brief break from the summer heat will arrive in time for the weekend across the Plains, bringing the first real taste of autumn.

Following a line of heavy and gusty thunderstorms that starts to dive southward late Thursday, noticeably cooler air will be ushered into the Plains.

A Canadian air mass fallowing behind the storms will make it feel more like early October.

Cool air began to settle into the northern Plains early Thursday morning, with Sioux City, Iowa, bottoming out at a crisp 56 F. Even lower temperatures are expected Friday morning as lows bottom out in the mid-40s.

Places as far south as Oklahoma City, Little Rock and Dallas will see some of the coolest weather since early June.

Norman, Oklahoma, never reached 100 F this summer but hit 99 F a total of six times since July 20. The most recent of these was on Sept. 8; just three days later, high temperatures will struggle to reach the upper 70s. Friday and into the weekend, highs will settle in the mid- to upper 70s across central Oklahoma.

Dallas reached or surpassed 100 F a whopping 15 times since late July, topping out at 106 F. Late this week, highs will instead drop down into the middle 80s, the coolest afternoon temperatures since mid-June.

Lows in the central and southern Plains will be dropping into the 50s in some places, prompting some people to reach for a jacket when heading out each morning this weekend.

In addition to the cooler weather, the humidity level will also be relaxing behind the plunging cold front.

Instead of dew points in the lower 70s, which has kept it uncomfortably sticky through much of the summer in northern Texas, it will be much drier with dew points in the 40s and 50s.

Those battling the heat for months can enjoy less oppressive conditions for a few days, but the autumnlike air will be short-lived.

While the weekend remains cool for much of the Plains, some heat will sneak back into parts of the Dakotas on Sunday. Near-normal temperatures are expected to return to the Plains by Monday or Tuesday.