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Strong Thunderstorms to Precede Cooler Weather in the Plains

Another round of strong thunderstorms will take aim on the Plains bringing heavy rainfall and gusty winds starting Thursday afternoon.

Temperatures so far this month have been 5-10 degrees above normal and rainfall has been scarce as well.

However, a noticeable temperature shift and a wave of wet weather will provide a change of pace for those in the central parts of the country.

North Central Extended Regional Weather Forecast

AccuWeather meteorologist Ryan Adamson stated, "A cold front will cause thunderstorms to develop in Kansas and western Missouri Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening."

The southward-advancing cold front will enter a very warm and moist atmosphere, which will be the key for these thunderstorms to develop and intensify.

As this cold front advances across the southern Plains, thunderstorms will develop into a line out of ahead of it and will bring torrential downpours and strong winds.

"This biggest risks will be flash flooding and damaging winds," warns Adamson.

The strongest storms will speed across central Kansas and northern Missouri during the late afternoon before targeting southern Kansas and central and southern Missouri Thursday evening.

"Heavy rain will likely cause a slower evening commute home and high winds and lightning can cause disruptions to electricity service within the threat area," stated AccuWeather meteorologist Mike Doll.

While it is expected that storms will begin to weaken once the sun sets, drenching thunderstorms will continue to drive south through Wichita, Kansas and Springfield, Missouri, late Thursday evening.

Thunderstorms are expected to weaken as they approach central Oklahoma; however, the threat for heavy rain will continue into the early morning hours Friday.

A drop in temperatures and humidity will end the week; afternoon highs on Friday will be on the order of 10-15 degrees lower in comparison to the start of the week.