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Warming Trend for the UK Next Few Days

A day-to-day warming trend beginning on Wednesday will boost temperature throughout the United Kingdom.

By Friday afternoon, many places will warm to 21 C or 22 C, even with the odd instance of 23-24 C. Even North West Scotland could top 20 C.

Beforehand, temperatures Wednesday will top within 1-2 C of normal, hitting about 18-20 C.

Warming this week follows a cool day on Tuesday which saw London level at 16.5 C. Farther north and east, it warmed only to about 14 C in Birmingham with both Teeside and Tyneside holding near an October-like 12 C.

High pressure that cooled the United Kingdom on Tuesday will build away to the east at midweek, allowing rainy low pressure to enter the country from the west by Saturday.