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Kilo Nears Japan, New Threat Emerges

While Kilo tracks towards Japan, an emerging tropical threat will bring potentially flooding rain to the country this week.

Typhoon Kilo, formerly Hurricane Kilo in the eastern Pacific Ocean, will continue to track to the west and northwest during the course of the week, eventually nearing Japan. While tracking across the western Pacific this week, Kilo is expected to strength into a powerful typhoon while at sea due to the combination of light wind shear and warm ocean water.

Ultimately, Kilo is expected to curve to the east of Japan, not bringing significant impacts.

Meanwhile, an area of low pressure located to the south of Japan will become better organized, potentially strengthening into a tropical depression or storm early this week, bringing heavy rain to Japan through at least the middle of the week.

As tropical moisture flows to the north into Japan, rounds of heavy rain will fall from Monday night through at least Wednesday. Lighter rain will linger through the remainder of the week.

A zone from central and southern Honshu into Shikoku should be on alert for potentially flooding rainfall during this time. Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka are all included in this threat. Rain totals through Wednesday in Tokyo are expected to near 100-150 mm (4-6 inches), with locally higher amounts not out of the question.

Weather Outlook Across Asia

A zone along the southeastern coast of Honshu will see the greatest threat for flooding, generally from south of Tokyo to Osaka. These areas could see 150-300 mm (6-12 inches) of rain through Wednesday. Even higher rain amounts are possible in isolated areas. As all of this water rushes off the mountainous terrain, flooding will become a significant concern.

While AccuWeather meteorologists think that the area of low pressure to the south of Japan could strengthen into a tropical storm before impacting Japan, wind damage will be a much lower concern than flooding. Any wind damage would be confined to areas near the center of the storm and likely near the coast.

Rainfall during the second half of the week is expected to lessen across the country, though additional rainfall could still lead to flooding.

Residents along the western Pacific Ocean should be on the watch for additional tropical threat through the fall, according to AccuWeather's Fall Forecast for Asia.