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UK Weather Cool, Largely Dry Through Week's End

Temperatures in the United Kingdom during the rest of the week will be more typical of the last week of September than the opening days of the month.

At the same time, although clouds will tend to limit sunshine in many areas, any rain will be sparse, being confined to isolated showery outbreaks.

In London, the temperature Thursday topped at 16.4 C, or about 3 degrees below normal for the date. Daily highs Friday through Sunday will be in the 16 C to 18 C range.

Rain-wise, dry weather will dominate as there will be no more than the odd shower anywhere in the United Kingdom.

The primary driver for the weather will be broad high pressure building slowly into the British Isles from the west. Between this high and Scandinavian low pressure, a flow of cool air will feed southeastward over the region.

Early next week, an eastward shift of the high may allow temperature to rebound a bit while prolonging the overall lack of rain.