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Prolonged Cool Stretch Encompasses Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw

After heat has dominated headlines this summer, cool air has finally taken control of the northern half of Europe with no signs of departing anytime soon.

Cool air will not be quick to leave the northern half of Europe with the jet stream positioned to the south, a change from its position of bulging northward on numerous occasions this summer.

Overview of Weather Across Europe

Heat will instead be kept to the south into early next week, even getting swept away from the Balkans Sunday and Monday. The result will be the coolest stretch of weather for the northern half of Europe since early summer and late spring.

Highs into early next week will mainly be in the middle teens to near 20 C (60s F) from Paris to Brussels to Berlin to Warsaw to Minsk. On the days when temperatures are on the lower end of that range, these cities will feel like the calendar has jumped ahead to late September or early October.

Residents will have a chance to enjoy or participate in outdoor activities without worrying about suffering from heat exhaustion. Energy demand will not be as high as fans and air conditioners catch a break.

There may even be some people who opt to grab a light jacket at night and in the early morning hours before heading outdoors.

Many residents may further think that autumn has settled in since this cool stretch follows the heat that sent temperatures soaring into the lower 30s C (86 to 94 F) as August transitioned to September. Brisk winds will also result in even lower AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures in some communities.

Such winds will chill Amsterdam and Brussels on Friday, Copenhagen and Berlin this weekend and Warsaw on Sunday.

The winds will be blowing on the backside of two storm systems, one which will move southward across the North Sea into Friday before combining with the other that will cross Scandinavia and reach the Baltic Sea this weekend.

These systems will occasionally produce showers and make umbrellas a necessity.