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A Taste of Autumn From France to Poland; Heat Lingers in Balkans

Heat continued across much of eastern Europe on Tuesday as a cold front swept into areas from eastern France to eastern Germany producing rain and strong thunderstorms.

Ahead of this front, locations such as Prague and Warsaw dealt with extreme heat for one more day before cooler air arrives on Wednesday.

Following high temperatures of 32-35 C (90-95 F) on Tuesday, Wednesday's temperatures will generally be 18-21 C (65-70 F) across Poland and Czech Republic.

The good news is that while the front produced severe thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday, severe weather is expected to be isolated on Wednesday and Thursday as the front moves through eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, the heat will continue across the Balkan Peninsula where high temperatures will range from 32-37 C (90-98 F). This includes cities such as Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia as well as locations farther north such as Minsk and Kiev.

The relief will reach Minsk and Kiev by Thursday, but the heat will linger into the weekend from Bucharest to Sofia.

The front will eventually push through the entire Balkan Peninsula bringing an end to the heat by Monday.

The air mass arriving across northern Europe will bring an early taste of fall to areas from France to Poland and Belarus.

The high temperature in Paris for the rest of the week will range between 17-20 C (63-68 F) with overnight lows dipping below 10 C (50 F). These temperatures are more typical of early October than the first week of September.

Similar chill will be felt farther east as temperatures tumble in Berlin, Prague, Warsaw and Minsk.

The fall-like air will not reach southern Europe; however, temperatures will return to more seasonable levels in Madrid, Milan and the Balkan Peninsula.