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PHOTOS: Storm Slams Phoenix, Leaves Thousands Without Power

Tens of thousands of people in Phoenix remain without power after a severe thunderstorm tracked over the city on Monday night.

At one point on Monday night, over 70,000 electric customers were without power between Arizona Public Service Co. and Utilities Salt River Project, two of the electric companies in Phoenix.

These numbers have since come down, but there were still over 25,000 people without power between the two services as of late Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately, some people may remain without power until Wednesday morning due to the massive amount of damage that was left in the wake of the storm.

The Phoenix Zoo was also closed on Tuesday to allow crews to clean up fallen trees, but the zoo said on Twitter that all of the animals were well and accounted for.

To help deal with the power outages, both ADP and SRP said that customers can pick up bags of ice for free to keep the food in their refrigerators cold.

SRP customers can pick up ice at 2941 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85016, while ADP customers can purchase up to 40 pounds of wet bagged ice or 20 pounds of dry ice and send the receipt to the electric company to be reimbursed.

While this may help keep people's food cold, it will not help them stay cool in the summer heat.

By this point in the year, Phoenix residents are usually acclimated to the triple-digit heat. However, some people may still rely on air conditioning to stay cool during the heat of the afternoon.

With temperatures forecast to climb above 100 F on Tuesday afternoon, people who are sensitive to the heat and are without power should find alternate ways to stay cool.

One of the best options is to find a place where the electricity has been restored where you can spend some time in the air conditioning. Sitting in an air-conditioned car parked in the shade can also provide some relief from the hot weather.

While crews race to restore power in the heat, they shouldn't have to worry about stopping due to more thunderstorms.

"The chances look small for any thunderstorms to develop over southern Arizona into Wednesday," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Alyson Hoegg.

"If anything does develop, it will likely be south of Phoenix," Hoegg continued.

However, Hoegg warned that some storms could return to the Phoenix area on Thursday as monsoonal moisture builds in from the south.

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