UK Cool, at Times Unsettled Next Few Days

Cool and at times showery weather will hold sway over the United Kingdom for at least the next few days.

Even so, for the main population centers such as London, Birmingham and even Glasgow, it will be far from a washout with at least occasional sunny intervals daily.

Rain will tend to be short-lived, owing to scattered showery outbreaks.

In London, the temperature Tuesday will top narrowly shy of the normal high, which is 20 C. However, much of the week will see highs of 2-3 C below what is typical for early September.

Nighttimes, likewise, will be cool with readings well below 10 C on multiple nights virtually everywhere away from the coasts.

The cause of the cool stretch will be low pressure over southern Scandinavia together with stubborn high pressure centered west of the British Isles. This setup will be slow to break down, lasting perhaps through the first of next week.