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Summer's Heat Continues for Berlin, Warsaw, Madrid, Budapest, Bucharest

Summer heat will make a comeback once again across a large part of Europe during the final days of August.

A ridge of high pressure building across the Balkans will have a firm grip on the area into early next week and will allow heat to build from Spain to Poland and the Balkan Peninsula.

Weather Outlook Across Europe

Heat will progressively build across the Balkans into Sunday with high temperatures reaching into the lower 30s C (lowers 90s F). Such heat will hold during the final days of August and into the start of September.

This includes in Belgrade, Bucharest and Budapest, where highs of 25 to 28 C (within a couple of degrees of 80 F) are more common in late August.

The scope of the sizzling dome of high pressure will not be confined to the Balkans, but will encompass Spain and Portugal and will build northward for a time.

Highs will be back near 36 C (upper 90s F) in Madrid and flirting with the 40-degree mark C (in the lower 100s F) in Cordoba on Sunday. However, thunderstorms will threaten to bring hail and gusty wind to portions of central and northern Spain.

The arrival of the heat will send temperatures soaring on Sunday in Paris with highs reaching 32 C (near 90 F). On Sunday, highs in Berlin and Warsaw will climb about 5 to 8 degrees C (8 to 16 degrees F) over Saturdays highs. A similar warming trend will be felt in Kiev from Sunday into Tuesday.

Residents throughout Europe facing this next round of heat are urged to drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and avoid strenuous activity during the hottest times of the day (midday and afternoon) to avoid suffering from heat exhaustion or stroke.

While eastern Europe will continue to sizzle through the beginning of the week, a cold front will spark heavy thunderstorms across western Europe.

Locations along the northern edge of the dome of heat from northern Spain into northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany will have to contend with thunderstorms containing heavy rain, gusty wind and possibly even hail.

While the threat will largely be confined to Spain on Sunday, dangerous storms will advance further east on Monday approaching Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.

On the heals of these thunderstorms will be cooler, more seasonable conditions that will take over by Tuesday. Eventually, later in the week, the front and its cooling will work into eastern Europe and the Balkans. By Tuesday, heavy thunderstorms will move into southern France and Germany, eventually reaching the northern Balkans by Thursday.

Contributions by Meteorologist Adam Douty