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Summer Warmth to Replace Fall-like Chill This Weekend in the Northeast, Midwest

Fall-like temperatures surged southward from Canada earlier this week; however, a changing weather pattern will send in a reinvigorated blast of summer warmth for the Northeast and Midwest.

A cold front pushed across the Northeast during the middle of the week and allowed for cooler, drier, more stable air to be ushered in behind it.

Some locations failed to reach 70 degrees by the afternoon, placing high temperatures 5-10 degrees below normal for the end of August.

Although there was a brief preview of fall this week, summer is not quite finished yet.

The jet stream, which is a current of strong winds that acts as a conveyor belt for storms and a divider of the cold air of the poles and the warm air of the tropics, will bulge upwards and steer more usual summer weather northward.

"As we head into the weekend, a large ridge of high pressure will begin to establish itself in the eastern half of the United States. This will lead to increasingly warm temperatures for many", said AccuWeather Meteorologist Ed Vallee.

Usually when warmer air surges northward, it is accompanied by increasing humidity; however, that will not be case with this second round of summer conditions.

After the cooldown that occurred earlier this week, the weekend will be noticeably warmer as temperatures soar into the 80s with some locations peaking in the lower 90s.

According to Vallee, "Daytime highs will rise to 5-15 degrees above normal for the end of August, but the saving grace with the heat this go-around will be humidity levels are expected to stay relatively low compared to past heat events this summer."

The summer heat will continue to build through Sunday, as it will be the warmest day of this summer surge. The first half of the weekend will be more comfortable for outdoor activities.

The warmth will linger into next week; however, a storm system will bring unsettled weather eastward during the second half of the weekend and it will become more widespread by Monday.

As this storm system approaches, the warm air will finally be paired with increasing humidity, which will make conditions slightly more uncomfortable by the start of next week.

Warmth will remain in place across the Northeast and Midwest through Tuesday, but it will begin to moderate to near normal by midweek.