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UK: Showery Periods Through Week's End

An organized storm system south of Iceland has led to rounds of active weather across the United Kingdom over the last week. The barrage of stormy weather continued on Wednesday, as a band of heavy rain led to areas of flooding across London. Heavier showers also affected Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Gusty winds accompanied the rains, with occasional southwesterly wind gusts to 50 km/h.

With low pressure spinning just offshore in the North Atlantic, gusty showers will continue across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and western England on Thursday. An organized swath of rain will streak across northern France into Germany and Scandinavia, perhaps grazing Ashford, Eastbourne and Brighton of southern England.

Temperatures will be slightly below average for this time of the year on Thursday; however, a trend toward warmer and more humid conditions across the Midlands and southeastern England from Friday and especially into the weekend.

Europe: Wet Again in the British Isles

Showers will be isolated across Ireland, western Scotland, Wales and western England on Friday before a more organized storm system heads for the central Isles this weekend.

By Ben Noll, Meteorologist