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AccuWeather Remembers Hurricane Katrina With Featured News, Video Content

To mark the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, AccuWeather has launched an online news and video center dedicated to remembering the disaster.

As Katrina churned in the Atlantic before hitting the Gulf Coast, AccuWeather meteorologists were at the forefront of forecasting the devastating storm.

"Hurricane Katrina will be remembered as a tragic example of the dangers and impact of severe weather and as a striking example of the importance of timely forecasts with Superior Accuracy™," Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder, President and Chairman of AccuWeather said.

AccuWeather issued a forecast predicting the target of Katrina's landfall nearly 12 hours before the National Hurricane Center issued its first warning, according to the comprehensive U.S. Congress Select Bipartisan Committee review of Hurricane Katrina preparation and response titled "A Failure of Initiative."

AccuWeather meteorologists urged residents to take action as they warned of a "catastrophe in the making in New Orleans" and predicted that "Katrina could be one of the top Gulf hits in modern times" three days before the storm made landfall.

"A large part of New Orleans could be underwater for days, if not weeks," AccuWeather's COO Evan Myers forecast.

AccuWeather's Remembering Hurricane Katrina center at includes exclusive photo essays, graphics, timelines, articles and videos covering the natural disaster, as well as recovery and restoration efforts that continue to this day.

It also features exclusive behind-the-scenes accounts from the dedicated meteorologists who forecasted and followed the development and path of the catastrophic hurricane with Superior Accuracy™ in fulfilling AccuWeather's core mission of saving lives and protecting property.

The Katrina coverage will also be featured across AccuWeather's social media platforms, including a timeline of events as they occurred in real time 10 years ago.